My name is Eleonora; it is difficult for me to convey with words all the emotions that these large cats give me, so please come and visit and you will understand the magic of these splendid creatures! It was love at first sight for me, the imposing stature and wild look of the Maine Coon together with its docile and soft character made my head whirl and so it was that, among the green hills of Umbria , a little family by the name of Wild Whisper was born.


We share the whole house with the cats and they also have a room especially furnished for them with everything they could need for playing and sleeping even though their “battlefield” is our bed, both by day and by night! Alas. .. they are very spoiled and are treated like royalty!

In order not to form bad habits I feed them different foods, all of high quality (Royal Canin, Almo Nature, Porta 21, Hill's).

Their well-being and health are of primary importance and so they are regularly vaccinated and tested for the most important genetic diseases common to this breed and for the most common feline diseases.

Our cats are all FIV-FeLV and PKD negative.